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Welcome to Woodpecker Class!

Webpage for Welcome to Woodpecker Class

Traverse Wall

Traverse Wall


Balancing is made easy when we dance.

School Lunches

We enjoyed our first cooked school meal. Fish Fingers and Chips.

Colour Jellyfish

Painting the jellyfish.

Colour Jellyfish

Using mediums with different textures the tentacles look brilliant.

Colour Jellyfish

Jellyfish with the light coming through them.

Colour Jellyfish

We are making jellyfish and exploring different mediums to make the tentacles.


"I built a tower. My Daddies an engineer and they build things." Its a huge tower! Well done.

How Tall Am I?

This tower is how many bricks tall? ... 12 "I am 12 bricks tall !"

Colour Jellyfish

We are making jellyfish and exploring different mediums to make the tentacles.

Looking at Colours on the Floor

Light through our homemade stained glass window makes lovely colours for the children to explore.


We all enjoy playing outside and exploring what things do.

Ice Science

Big and small Ice chunks. Which one will melt first? Why?

Ice Science

Question: How long before it all melts? Answer: 4pm

Christmas Activities


Christmas Activities

Stained glass bauble.

Christmas Activities

Stained glass bauble.

Christmas Activities

Stained glass baubles


Thank you Santa.

Latest News

Sofadodger  (13/01/2018)
On Friday we had our first session of Sofadodger activities. We went to the school and joined reception and enjoyed MindBodyDance. Lisa provided an amazing experience for us, teaching us dance moves along the theme of "Under the Sea"

School Lunches  (13/01/2018)
We had our first order of cooked school lunches this week. The children were very excited and enjoyed the wonderful food our school chef sent down.

Taste of Italy comes to Cardinham  (09/01/2018)
A change of menu on the 18th January. For those of you that fancy trying the school meals, this may be a good day to try our delicious food.
Ham and Pineapple Pizza
Macaroni Cheese
Served with Chips, Garden Peas, Fresh Salad Bar.
Garlic and Herb Bread
Strawberry Frozen Yoghurt.
Please order this on the 15th if possible. This is a very popular day and it would help our chef to know numbers.

Would any parents of our Woodpeckers like to look around Cardinham School?  (09/01/2018)
On the 25th January at 9.15am Mrs Bennett would be very pleased to show you the facilities and what Cardinham has to offer.
There is a list by the register for you to log your interest.

Spring Term  (09/01/2018)
Welcome back. We hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas Break filled with fun and laughter.
This Spring Term our over lying themes will be "Colours" and "Under the Sea"
The children have started to make colour jellyfish to enhance our Classroom. They look great hanging from the ceiling.

Bledhen Nowydh Da!  (30/12/2017)
Sonia and Julie would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year,

Welcome to Woodpeckers Web Page  (30/12/2017)
Welcome to our very own web page for Woodpecker Class.
Here we will put all the information to keep you up to date with whats happening at Woodside.
If anyone has any ideas about what they would like to see here please contact Julie and she will try and add it in.


Information for Parents

On Wednesday 24th January we are having a visit by Big Bang Music Workshop. A letter has been sent home but if you have any questions please ask Sonia or Julie.

School Lunches are now available to order at a cost of £2.30 Please give your child’s lunch order to Sonia or Julie at the beginning of the week if possible.

Friday afternoons will see the children taking part in the whole school Sofadodger Challenge. The children will have a go at various sports that are tailored to their abilities. They will need trainers and comfortable clothing.

Monday afternoon we will be attending Forest School. Run by Mrs Brown at the school field forest area. Please would you remember to send your children in with suitable clothing.

School starts back Monday 8th January.

Meet the Team

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