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Curriculum Consultation

We are currently in the process of reviewing our curriculum and are in a consultation period with staff, children, parents and governors. Please click on the link below to consider our curriculum proposals. If you would like to provide feedback to, please do so by Fri 21st October.

At Cardinham School we have the motto “Grow your mind; aim high”. Our curriculum is designed to inspire enthusiasm so pupils are motivated to acquire a range of knowledge and become the best they can be. Our approach enables our children to make meaningful links with their learning. Cardinham is a rural school with excellent access to the countryside. We celebrate this uniqueness by ensuring children have regular opportunities to utilise the outdoors in their learning. We have a strong sense of community cohesion and celebrate this by enabling children to become involved in the community, through celebration of local traditions and enabling them to take an active part in events throughout the year. Our school rules (care for everyone and everything, show good manners at all times, follow instructions with thought and care) are deeply embedded in everything we do which ensures pupils develop a respect for themselves, others and the natural environment. At Cardinham School we broaden our pupils’ understanding of diversity by teaching about different cultures and communities. We teach pupils how to look after themselves physically, socially and emotionally and provide them first hand learning experiences that allow children to develop interpersonal skills and build resilience. Children leave Cardinham Primary School with a sense of belonging and are proud that they have developed the confidence and skills needed to be learners for life.


Our curriculum allows us to deliver the appropriate subject content through individual themes as we understand that not all subjects can be incorporated into a topic and therefore plan and ensure that subjects are taught to guarantee a broadness of the curriculum. Subjects have been developed so that children build upon skills progressively, integrating with other subjects to secure strong, meaningful and purposeful learning. It is essential that knowledge is embedded and reflected throughout year groups. To ensure that learning in every subject is sequenced appropriately, progression documents for each subject are being developed. We hope that this will provide children with the opportunity to revisit vital skills and knowledge regularly and embed this learning; therefore, becoming experts. By the end of this year (2021 – 22), we hope that our main approach will begins with a launch of the subject, a prior assessment of the child’s understanding through concept maps or KWL, children are taught the lessons based on the National Curriculum objectives, these are revisited weekly, a carefully sequenced series of lessons, planned opportunities to revisit key ideas, the use of knowledge organisers allow the children to be clear of what they will learn within a subject area.


We strive to ensure that our children’s attainments in core and foundation subjects are in line or exceeding their age-related expectations. At Cardinham, we reflect on the standards achieved against planned outcomes. We celebrate the learning at the end of themes, where children demonstrate their knowledge they have gained, through work exhibitions for parents currently through our school website (due to COVID19). Within Foundation subjects, concept maps, quizzes (Quizlets) are used to monitor and ensure retention of information, for children to build on this knowledge and skills as they progress through their learning.