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SEND at Cardinham School

SENCO: Mr David Jones

Telephone: 01208 821326


Cardinham School is an inclusive school where every pupil is valued and respected. We are committed to the inclusion, progress and independence of all of our pupils, including those with SEND. We work to support our pupils to make progress in their learning, their emotional and social development, and their independence. We aim to create a learning environment which is of high quality but we also actively work to support the learning and needs of all members of our community.

We actively seek both pupil and parent voice at every stage, from identification and assessment, through to reviewing the support in place. We encourage parents to ask questions and we offer a variety of methods for supporting families and sharing information.

Our aim is to train and develop all teachers and LSAs in their understanding of SEND; we are all teachers of children with SEND.

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