Parental feedback: "Loving the consistent communication and engaging parents in the learning". "Very happy with the level of learning and progress that has been made this year". "My child is happy and confident in school".


Where potential is nurtured and futures are inspired  

Education that goes beyond the curriculum

Your child's learning adventure starts here

In search of a preschool nursery near Bodmin where your little one can play, learn, and grow? You've found it!

Picture a place where your child's creativity, curiosity, and confidence are nurtured each day. A place with teacher-led learning where small group sizes ensure your child feels seen, heard, and cherished. This makes us more than just a nursery - it's where your child's lifelong learning adventure begins.

Your little one's happiness and wellbeing are the heart of everything we do. Every child deserves to enjoy their childhood—precious as it is—so we provide plenty of freedom to play and build friendships in our safe, supportive environment.

We know that childhood isn't complete without a bit of muck and magic.

Set in beautiful wooded surroundings, we champion outdoor play and exploration. Here, getting stuck in and messy is not just allowed—it's encouraged. Our children savour the joy of getting hands-on (and feet-in!) with nature. Eco-friendly resources, wooden toys, and upcycled materials add a touch of creative charm to their playtime, fostering respect and love for our environment from a young age.

We believe in the power of creativity. Art and singing are woven into our days, helping build your child's confidence and preparing them for their next step into Reception and Key Stage 1.

And taking the "whole child" approach, we look after your child's physical wellbeing too. Children enjoy healthy meals and snacks that are freshly prepared on-site.

Ready to give your child a great start to their learning journey? We're open from 8 am-5 pm. Come and see how your child will fit into our nurturing, supportive, and creative environment.

Your child's journey of discovery starts here. Why not give us a call on 01208 821326. We'd love to show you around.